Case Study

Sunray Dr., Holiday, FL

This house was in good shape overall and didn’t require a substantial amount of work.  Most of the work on this house involved painting both inside and out.


2 bedrooms,  2 baths, 1288 sq ft

3998 Sunray Dr.

Holiday, FL 34691

Project Info

The oven in this house was located in a
wall on the opposite side of the kitchen.
In order to create a more efficient working
space,  the existing separate range and
oven were removed and a new combination range was installed.  This freed space on the opposite to create a full sized pantry.  There was also an archway in living room that was removed to create a cleaner looking wall space.


  • Garage
  • Kitchen
  • Front Door
  • Before paint
Garage1 Kitchen2 Front Door3 Before paint4


  • Outside side wall
  • Bedroom 2
  • Master bedroom
  • Completed
  • Kitchen
  • Back yard
  • Kitchen
Outside side wall1 Bedroom 22 Master bedroom3 Completed4 Kitchen5 Back yard6 Kitchen7

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